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LEICA 3D Mobile Measuring System

Measurement Accuracy
Measurement with spherical spot light
Measurement uncertainty in the whole range (MPE): Uxyz = ±15 μm + 6 μm/m
Measurement uncertainty in range 2,5 x 5 x 10 m (MPE): Uxyz = ±10 μm + 5 μm/m
Measurement with wireless T-Probe contact sensor
3D point measurement uncertainty (MPE) U 3D = 100 μm up to 7 m
U 3D = 30 μm + 10 μm/m over 7 m
Space dimension measurement uncertainty (MPE): U L = 60 μm up to 8,5 m
U L = 7 μm up to 8,5 m
Sphere radius measurement uncertainty (MPE): U R = ±20 μm + 2 μm/m


Laser tracker Leica AT901
Leica Absolute Tracker is a mobile optical CMM calculating the 3D position of the light spot from the horizontal angle, vertical angle and measures the distance. Angle scanning is provided using the high resolution coding device, while the distance is measured using the state-of-the-art most accurate absolute distance gauge (absolute interferometer – AIFM).


Leica T – Probe
Leica T – Probe is a wireless contact sensor for laser tracker AT901 enabling the high effective solution for the single point measurement of long distances. Thanks to possible horizontal or vertical clamp of available big range of bits and extensions the Leica T – Probe can measure even in the most inaccessible points with high speed and accuracy.

Leica Mobile Measurement System

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