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Laser Cutting Machine Trumpf L3030 4000 W

Parameters for TRULASER 3030
·Axis X, Y, Z: 3 000 mm, 1 500 mm, 115 mm
·Maximum part weight: 710 kg
·Maximum axis parallel speed: 60 m/min
·Maximum simultaneous speed: 85 m/min
·CNC Control system: Siemens, Sinumerik 840D


·Minimum programmable line: 0,01 mm
·Position deviation (Pa): +0,1 mm
·Position variance mean width (Ps): + 0,03 mm


Parameters for TRUFLOW 4000 LASER
·Maximum power: 4 000 W
·Adjustment of working output in 1% steps: 200 – 4 000 W
·Wavelength: 10,6 μm
·Beam mode: TEM 01
·Excitation frequency: 10 Hz – 10 kHz
·Laser gases: CO2 ǀ N2 ǀ He


Maximum Sheet/Plate thickness
·Steel ǀ Stainless Steel ǀ Aluminum: 20 mm ǀ 15 mm ǀ 10 mm


Enclosed Machine Frame
·Thanks to high accuracy hardened guide tracks the high acceleration and accuracy is achieved, internal stiffness prevents oscillating on cut direction  change.

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