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Complex Solutions of Suspended Mining Transport Systems


SUSPENDED MINING LOCOMOTIVE IMM 100.01 TD is a traction vehicle designed for transport of a train of wagons on approved type of monorail I-profile (I155) suspended railway in a horizontal level and up- and down-grade of 250. IMM 100.01 TD locomotive is designed as a parted construction with an engine unit, two separated cabins and appropriate separated driving units linked by connecting rods. Locomotive is driven by a specially modified supercharged engine ensuring the extreme low level of pollutants in exhaust gases. Engine exhaust gases are water cooled and filtered in special exhaust case, where the unwanted mechanical particles are trapped. Locomotive is equipped with hydraulic drive. Controlled hydro-generator drives the drive unit hydro-motors. Drive unit is equipped with one or two pairs of driving wheels (DUO Drive). Hydraulically control brake is a part of the drive unit with one pair of driven wheels. With the same brake also the cabin/cabins are equipped. By combination of drive units drawing force of 60 kN, 80 kN and 100 kN, respectively, can be attained. All configurations and parts of the referenced locomotive are designed to meet the safety requirements of explosive atmosphere according to ČSN EN 1834-2 / Group I, category M2.



Material Transport
Material transport is subject of weight and dimensions of the transported materials. Heavy and bulky materials are transported by means of hydraulic lifting equipment and a locomotive 4, 8 16 tons respecting the allowed load of corresponding support. Long profiles are fastened and transported by means of chain hoist, unloading by chain release. Loose materials as sand or cement are transported in special containers designed for the corresponding case.


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