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Water Jet Abrasive Cutting

When using the abrasive water jet the water speeds-up the abrasive particles for material cutting.
Abrasive water jet cuts the hard materials as metals, stone, composite materials and ceramics. For soft materials a water jet w/o abrasive agent can be used.
CNC table with X – Y coordinate system and one Z axis, with 3D cutting head to eliminate the undercut and with 3D cutting up to 60° in all axes.
Rotary axis for pipe cutting.

Working Area dimensions:
X – axis – range 6 060 mm
Y – axis – range 2 060 mm
Z – axis – (for all materials) 320 mm
Repeated positioning accuracy: ± 0,020 mm
Repeated start-up accuracy: ± 0,020 mm
Speed range: 0,1 – 20 000 mm
Accuracy of cutting tool movement: ± 0,080 mm
Power supply and current: 3 x 400V AC, 16A


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